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Transport is a huge part of a Titan’s Day and we are proud to confirm Titans HGV’s are equipped and licensed to carry abnormal loads up to 16ft 4inches.

All of our vehicles are regularly serviced and meet all the current safety standards. Once transport is booked in the routes are planned to ensure all hazards such as low bridges and route restrictions are avoided and the most economical route is taken. We then liaise with various police forces and follow their procedures to ensure the transport of the wide load is allowed through the respective county. Over the years we have built up a detailed knowledge of each authority’s requirements which again helps for a smoother delivery of your unit.

Wide-load Escorting is sometimes required if the route is on a particularly narrow road or the load is over width. This is a service that Titans are equipped to provide. When each job is booked the need for an escort is confirmed and the team are notified. Titans vehicles are all customised to meet the current escorting code of conduct.

Removal and Relocation/Disposal  Occasionally units may need to be removed from a site. Titans are equipped to arrange this, we have worked closely with various people to assist with the removal of units and their subsequent disposal as well as the de-site and relocation of units to a new base. In this instance the Siting teams may need to do a full assessment of the unit to ensure it is safe to move and that any repairs or alterations are carried out. Please contact us directly for more detailed information.

Specialist Jobs  Most jobs can be accessed via road but there are occasions when there may be a need to cross seas or gain entry via crane lift. Titans are happy to assess any job no matter how unusual and have experience in dealing with both ferry and crane companies. We have undertaken specialty jobs for several types of units including mobile homes and modular buildings as well as amenity blocks. If it is a special movement you are looking for then please contact us as soon as possible to enable the proper planning and liaison to be done.

Titans Siting & Transport Northants