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Site  Surveys Prior to the delivery of a unit Titans will ensure there is as much information as possible to ensure the move is successful. If any doubt about access should arise a survey will be conducted to ensure the route in is viable. Surveys are often conducted when a home needs to be relocated as we quite often find that parks have changed since the original siting.

Titans also offer independent surveys if you wish to ascertain any route or access issues before you begin the purchase of a new home or relocate to a new area.

Siting and De-Siting  The Siting and De-Siting teams all have a great deal of experience moving and positioning mobile units into the most confined of spaces. We use customised vehicles equipped to deal with various surfaces and conditions and once in position the staff are trained at levelling and joining the homes and ensuring that they are watertight. During the booking process Titans will run through some initial checks to obtain as much access information as possible and if there is any uncertainty a site survey may be required.

All of our staff operate under a comprehensive health and safety policy and have many years experience in the mobile home industry.

PDI and Internals  After completing the Siting we will carry out a thorough inspection of the unit and run a full checklist to ensure that any issues are relayed back to the manufacturer for the aftersales teams. Our Siting team will then finish off the internal joins whether these are the more traditional cover strips or the increasingly popular hidden joints, we then make good any minor transport cracks that may have occurred.

Titans Siting & Transport Northants